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Interdisciplinary Studies Living Learning Community


The INDS LLC offers an opportunity for all students to strengthen and enrich their undergraduate experience by connecting with each other and engaging in projects and community building activities, inside and outside the classroom, which integrate diverse perspectives. While INDS majors will be given priority, we welcome students engaged in all degrees who would like to develop a broader context for their studies.

What to Expect from the INDS LLC

-A strong sense of community and connection to the INDS program and UMBC

-Advising support from INDS faculty

-Course connections: A dedicated IHU section. Ask for more details!

What have past students said about Interdisciplinary Studies LLC?

“Being in an LLC, you care more about each other than your average college student.” –Nick Stommel

“Everyone is a different major so there are lots of different interactions and people. There were lots of social events to introduce you to people.” –Megan Clelan

“I like how everyone is willing to talk to one another because of the LLC.” –London Davis


For more information contact Stephen Freeland at, Samirah Hassan at, or RA Lillian Keplinger at